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We are companies cooperating in long term in the area of sale and production of furniture in large series which we deliver to the inland and European market. Our work is characterized by long-term professional experience, thanks to which we can offer wide range of produced furniture.

MB DOMUS SEWe produce the furniture with people and for people.

Our companies are based on quality, professionalism, experience and reliability. In our work we respect the techniques and principles of furniture’s craft for production of furniture in the dismantled state. We combine contemporary technologies and materials. Thanks to optimization of resources we can offer furniture for a very convenient price.

Currently we focus mainly on production of tables and box-shaped furniture from chipboard laminated boards.

Each new product is created on the basis of the market research and with consideration of world trends in the furniture production including new patterns, handles and ironwork. Thanks to this procedure we can continually work on improvement of visual aspects and quality of our products. Our customers and bulk customers can choose from a number of individual pieces of furniture or whole sets.

We believe that the best advertisement is our satisfied customer.

Around one hundred pair of hands take care about the products from their development to their handing over from the stock. During the production the products have to go through several quality controls. During inspection we immediately replace the defective component with a new one. Thanks to this we can offer furniture in a good degree of quality.
The rule that if the furniture is high-quality, it usually isn’t cheap, doesn’t have to apply always.
Find out for yourselves.



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